Campaign: Fundamentals of compassionate care

Thank you for your interest in supporting our campaign!

Please find below resources and rewards to help promote the We Can Talk fundamentals of compassionate care online learning tool. As always, please make it your own, cut and paste at will, and do whatever is helpful to get the training out there!

Direct link to training:

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Download resources

Training outline (PDF) – one-page training outline, great for sharing with people who might be interested in doing the training and with ward managers and senior clinicians who want to know what this is all about.

E-mail to colleagues (Word) – a draft e-mail introducing the training to colleagues and to encouraging them to complete it (goes well with the training outline above attached).

We Can Talk “online offer” (PDF) – a little more high level than the outline, this document is great for senior exec colleagues who want to know a bit more about where this training came from and what We Can Talk is.

E-mail to senior management (Word) – we recognise what might be motivating reasons for your colleagues might differ for your trust executives, they want to understand more about the wider positive impact of the training on the organisation, which is what we’ve tried to do here.

Research & References – we say a lot in the training and we wanted to share some of the key publications that back up our statements. Please feel free to use to help support different approaches you’re taking (especially with senior management).

Educational competency framework – one for the education nerds [*cough* Robin *cough*] and helpful to share with colleagues looking to map to existing skills frameworks in your organisation or thinking about adding a direct link to the training via your trust learning platform.

Powerpoint slide (standard)/ Powerpoint slide (widescreen) – got a presentation or event and want to promote the online tool? We’ve got a slide for you!

A4 Poster / flyer – download, print, enjoy! A double-sided flyer or print both pages single sided and use as a poster!

Media resources

Online tool kit – our complete guide to promoting the training on social media including loads of sample tweets/messages to cut and paste, enhance with one of our fabulous images below for all major platforms

Download images:
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‘Start training now’ buttons (please feel free to embed on your organisations website)

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