Agent of Change

Since We Can Talk was founded in 2017 we’ve met some amazing people across the world who are passionate about our core values as a project, which is why we’ve created a network to support those working actively to change the future for every child and young person who attends hospital due to their mental health.

What is an Agent of change?

A We Can Talk  Agent of Change is someone working at a grassroots level to bring about change in their team, organisation or community. They are part of our on the ground street-team helping bring local and national attention to support our core beliefs and national campaigns. Some get involved because they want to support the local roll out of the face-to-face We Can Talk training in their trust, others because they want to bring the We Can Talk project to their local area and others because they resonate with beyond delivering training with the core issues we tackle in our campaigns.

Core beliefs

  • Hospital staff are already supporting the emotional and mental health needs of children, young people and their parents/carers.
  • Mental health should not be over specialised. You don’t have to be an expert in mental health to help. Attitude is more important than expertise.
  • We should use the right staff to support children and young people attending hospital due to their mental health. This is rarely agency RMNs with little or no experience caring for children and young people.
  • Anyone who encounters a child or a young person in their role should have a basic level of training in children and young people’s mental health (this includes clinical and non-clinical staff).

Commitment: Your support to us

– embody the principles and core beliefs in your attitude and actions

– campaign for local or national adoption of the We Can Talk project, principles and core beliefs

– active support in at least one national or local campaign

– participate in Agent of Change forums

– attend or have previously attended a We Can Talk training day or event (if possible)

– register your involvement and allow us to contact you

Commitment: Our support to you

– regular communication, materials and resources to enable you to lead change in your organisation

– forums to enable you to share success and explore challenges with the national team and other agents of change

– opportunities to influence current and future campaigns

– recognition for those who actively work towards our goals

– rewards including branded merchandise, vouchers and exclusive events

Current campaigns

Fundamentals of compassionate care online tool (national)

For more information please use the contact form or e-mail

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