New online training for ambulance staff

The We Can Talk Ambulance training, co-produced with young people and ambulance staff, is designed to empower first responders in providing exceptional care to young people experiencing a mental health crisis.

This valuable resource will introduce ambulance staff to the necessary skills and knowledge to provide safe, respectful, and dignified care to young people in crisis, with a focus on fostering empathy and understanding.

Developed in partnership with the Greater Manchester Integrated Care Partnership, North West Ambulance Service, and People Unlimited, this open-access one-hour online training is an essential tool for any ambulance or hospital staff working with young people in crisis situations.

Benefits include:

  • Flexible, self-directed online training, taking less than an hour
  • Hear directly from young people with lived experience of mental health
  • Reflections from ambulance staff when responding to mental health emergencies
  • Certificate for Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Free access to training resources, events, and further training

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Need more information for your team leaders and senior managers? We’ve created a one-page PDF for managers to help you promote this valuable training. Download Guide for managers

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