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What is We Can Talk?

We Can Talk  is a project using community building and education to increase the skill and confidence of acute hospital staff in understanding and supporting children and young people’s mental health.

How can we join?

We are currently looking for hospital sites and linked mental health teams (CAMHS) to develop bids to roll out in 2022. We are keen to work across multiple organisations and geographic areas to maximise impact and sustainability. Find out more.

Do you work with CCGs, STPs, ALBs and other acronyms?

Absolutely! Your acronym need not prevent you from supporting the expansion of We Can Talk in your area.

What training do you provide?

We Can Talk Core Curriculum is a co-designed and co-delivered a one-day (six hour)  training to give hospital staff the core skills, knowledge and confidence to improve the experience of children and young people presenting to hospital due to their mental health. We also provide bonus modules including the one-hour We Can Talk fundamentals of compassionate care, which introduces key approaches to supporting young people in mental health crisis, and We Can Talk wellbeing, a brief module focused on staff wellbeing.

Do you have an educational framework for your training?

We Can Talk has co-produced with young people, hospital staff and mental health professionals an evidenced-based educational competency framework for our one day training. You can download our educational framework or read our Principles, which is a summary of the learning from the day in ten key statements.

Do you deliver one-off training days for teams?

Not currently. We see We Can Talk as part of a process to create change and as a result we are looking to form relationships with organisations over months and years rather than one-off days.

What about We Can Talk for community staff, teachers, socials workers, etc?

We recognise there is a real need for training on children and young people’s mental health training in lots of settings. Our training was co-produced with young people and hospital staff specifically thinking about their training needs in acute hospital settings. We would love to see similar co-produced projects looking at other settings. Please contact the team at Healthy Teen Minds if you’re interested in using co-production to empower young people and staff to create change.

Why an elephant?

We have to keep some secrets part of the family.

How do I find out more?

Don’t be shy! Contact us.