Project Leads: Resources

If there are new resources you have created (an amazing poster for example) then please send it to us at so we can add it to this section.

We Can Talk project team contact sheet – names, e-mails, telephone, twitter – everything you might need to contact us.

We Can Talk training outline – one page intro to the training and learning outcomes.

We Can Talk CYP MH Core Competencies – sometimes people want to see the full list of educational competencies the training is based on.

E-mail Sign Up Lists – because you’ve got more and more names to capture!

We Can Talk Brand & Social Media Guidelines – how to talk about the project, our key messages, use of the logo and social media guidelines all in one slide show!

We Can Talk logo  – Our preferred font is Muli and when We Can Talk is used in posters/materials please use bold and Blue (Hex colour #3e8ad0 for graphics/printing experts).

We Can Talk logo with border – another version useful if other text is a bit too close to the logo for clarity – Video link to the ‘advert length’ (2 minute) Barts Health pilot project video. – Video link to the full length (5 minute) Barts Health pilot project video.

We Can Talk FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and most usefully – the answers!

Draft E-mails to Trainees – Planning a training day? Simple e-mail template to send out to those attending.

We Can Talk colouring – All credit our amazing team at BHR Hospital Project Leads for wondering what it would be like if you got loads of children to colour in the We Can Talk elephant and then displayed them (answer – AMAZING!).

We Can Talk coming soon A4 poster – We’re sharing the awesome ‘coming soon’ poster from Sam at the Royal Alex. Mysterious…

If there is something you would like to see added to the Project Leads folder please e-mail Martha (