Project Leads: We Can Talk training

Please find below the most up-to-date documents for use with the We Can Talk training. Please note these documents are regularly updated by the Project Team and it is advised to ensure you have downloaded the most recent version prior to delivering the training.

We Can Talk training PowerPoint presentation (updated July 2019) – Recently updated, this is the master powerpoint file for delivering training. Please download and check it works on your I.T. system in advance! Do not circulate this version. NEL and KSS project leads can continue to use archive version below (although the new one was improved based on your feedback!).

We Can Talk training slides for trainees – an edited PDF version of the slides to share with trainees after they’ve been on the training day.

If a young advisor is unable to attend or new/less confident please use this video, which covers the “Understanding: Experience” slides after lunch.

Please only share the PDF slidepack. Do not share the PowerPoint files. This helps us ensure the We Can Talk training is delivered in the way in which it was intended.

If you have any questions about the use of the slides or sharing with non-Project Leads please contact the team first at

Draft pre training e-mail – Planning a training day? Simple e-mail template to send out to those attending.

Draft post training e-mail – e-mail template to send to those who attended the training.

Archive versions of the training:

We Can Talk training slides PowerPoint presentation (July 2018)

We Can Talk training slides for trainees (July 2018)