SHIFT 2020 replay

SHIFT 2020 took place on Thursday 26th November from 9am until 1pm but you can still enjoy some of the content from the session by watching the video below.


Unfortunately not all the following sessions of the day are available on replay but you can still enjoy our unique We Can Talk show!

9:00-10:00 – The We Can Talk show

Live streamed from our socially distant studio set we have in-person, face-to-face, interviews, commentary and conversation with Elaine Bowden from Health Education England, Kathryn Pugh from NHS England and NHS Improvement, Kath Evans from Barts Health NHS Trust , We Can Talk young advisors, actual hospital staff who work in hospitals and special guests, surprises and attempts at humour. The first 2 minutes may look like what you’re expecting but the ‘reveal’ is anything but!

After our opening live stream we moved over to Microsoft Teams (which was maxed out with more than 250 attendees).

10:00-10:45 – How to coproduce

Karen Whitelaw, Deputy Director at Healthy Teen Minds. hosted a panel discussion with Riley Reign, Associate Trainer (lived experience). and We Can Talk young advisor Anand.

10:45-11:30 – Measuring change

Luís Costa Da Silva, Research Associate at the Child Outcomes Research Consortium, explored how we can effectively use data to measure change. He was joined by Anna Bray, Paediatric Practice Development Nurse at Barts Health NHS Trust, to explore how data is used on the ground.

11:30-12:15 – The We Can Talk approach

Chris Kerr, Director of Training at We Can Talk, and Nadia, Young Advisor at We Can Talk, explained how we are working with Health Education England to change the future for every child and young person who attends hospital in mental health crisis.

12:15-13:00 – Q&A Quiz

Our We Can Talk show hosts returned for an interactive quiz and Q&A.



Can I watch the live stream from 9:00am to 10am in Microsoft Teams?

No, you’ll need to watch via the video player on this page.

I can’t get into the Microsoft Teams meeting / the Microsoft Teams meeting is full

Don’t worry. Refresh this page at 10am and check the links at the top. We’ll open up a Google Meet with the live stream from Microsoft Teams if we have over 250 people joining us.

How does the quiz work?

You will need to watch the event in Microsoft Teams or Google Meet in order to hear the questions. You will select your answers via the Kahoot website. Your username must be the first and last name you used to register for the event in order to win prizes.

I can’t attend at short notice, or I can’t stay for all the event, will it be available afterwards?

Yes! If you’ve registered to attend we’ll send an e-mail next week with all the content from the event for you to enjoy again (or for the first time).

Can I get a certificate for attending?

Yes, we will send out a post-event questionnaire for you to complete that will then allow you to download a certificate of attendance (you will need to write your own name).

How do I find more information about my trust joining the We Can Talk project?

E-mail our team and check out


SHIFT 2020 is an online event for health staff and commissioners looking at the challenge of improving the care we provide to young people who attend hospital in a mental health crisis.

Health Education England commissioned We Can Talk to create an online training resource targeted at clinical and non-clinical staff and volunteers working in acute hospital settings. This tool ( is designed to introduce staff to the fundamental principles of providing compassionate care to children and young people presenting in a mental health crisis. Like all We Can Talk’s training and resources, this learning tool was co-designed with and is co-delivered by young advisors – young people aged 18-25 with experience of presenting to hospital in a mental health crisis. Uniquely, all the video content in this learning tool was written, filmed and delivered by our young advisors working remotely. It has been used over 8,000 times during the pandemic with 99.6% of staff recommending it to a colleague. This event is a chance to celebrate the tools success, meet the team behind its development and explore further the issues it introduces.

You’ll hear from senior leaders at Health Education England, NHS England and NHS Improvement, as well as from staff on the ground tackling these issues. You’ll learn how Health Education England and We Can Talk are supporting staff to talk about mental health more confidently and recognise the vital role of all staff (children’s nurses, health care assistants, doctors, ward clerks, porters, security and others) in supporting the emotional and mental health of every child and young person in our care. This is especially important right now, when due to high infection rates, wards are short of staff or due to re-deployment, staff are less confident managing young people in mental health crisis.