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Help me understand why I’m here

  • Always introduce yourself to me, tell me what you do and how you can help me.
  • Talk to me about why I’m there.
  • Don’t avoid talking about my mental health, feelings and the real reason I’m there.
  • If I need medical attention, I know that has to come first, but don’t stop at my physical health – talk to me about my mental health and address that elephant in the room! It’s better to acknowledge self-harm, suicidal feelings and distress rather than ignore them.  Not talking about it can make me feel ashamed or not worthy of help.
  • Check in with me about my personal space, find out how we feel about being touched, having people close, being crowded etc.  Don’t assume it is helpful or not helpful.
  • Listen and give me time. Be chilled, friendly, calm; someone I can talk to.
  • Don’t rush me to speak: This stuff can be really hard to share so please don’t pressure me; I might be slow to share. Don’t give up or get frustrated.

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