Top Tips

Keep me busy

  • Remember – all the things you do for other young people work for me too!
  • Talk to me – normal chat about say to do things is really important. We’re just young people like any other.
  • Doing things together, like playing games can help to pass the time and distract me from difficult feelings.
  • Offer me age-appropriate distraction! If you have access to a TV or games that’s great, but if not then get creative. YouTube has tonnes of videos on mindfulness or breathing exercises. Crafts can be a great distraction too. But also never forget the power of pen and paper! Doodling games and anagrams can pass the time well and can be done either on your own or with someone. Things like noughts and crosses or word association is great if we have someone to play with.
  • I might find music helpful as a distraction and also as an outlet. Tell me who your favourite bands are or get me to think about what music I like when I’m in different moods e.g. my happy song, my sad song, my angry song

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