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Breaking confidentiality

  • I know that confidentiality can feel like a tricky thing to navigate. Make sure you bring it up at the soonest possible moment. I might find it helpful to have examples of what it means to break confidentiality.
  • Confidentiality is not the same as “keeping secrets” so make sure I know that some of my info will probably be shared with the team e.g. during staff handovers. You can always frame this by explaining you have to so this to keep me safe and make sure I get the best care I can.
  • If you do need to break confidentiality, let me know!
  • Talk to me about what to share and what not to share. Don’t share things that aren’t relevant unless we’ve agreed on it.
  • Together we can figure out the best way to share the information – we can get to the same outcome by very different paths! Choice about how something happens when there is no choice about what happens are really important and empowering and can help me to feel more in control. Some examples might be:
    • Who is in the room when we share the info?
    • Do I want to share it myself or do it with you?
    • Can we write a script together of exactly what will be shared?

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